Champagne PANNIER in the Swedish Press

2 mai 2016

Last March, the first issue of the Swedish magazine Food inc — on gastronomy and wines — devoted a 2-page press article to our cuvée Extra-Brut Exact, with some tasty photographs (see pages 72-73).

On the menu of this article: surprising gastronomic harmonies between Asian dishes and this cuvée with extreme low 'dosage', all in 'purity' and 'elegance'.

English translation:

Asian Cuisine Meets Champagne!

From 'brut' to 'extra-brut', the current trend is towards Champagne having little or no sugar added. For good, Champagne has won its place on the dinner table. Indeed, popular Japanese food — such as raw food, soy and wasabi — is revealed by this kind of Champagne. Champagne Pannier Extra-Brut is a good example. With its purity and its elegance, this Champagne matches perfectly well with seafood, like raw fish lifted by some wasabi. If one does not appreciate spices, one can turn towards a good alternative offered by the House — its cuvée Brut Sélection.


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