The house

Our history

Portrait of Louis-Eugène PANNIER

Founder of Champagne PANNIER

  • In 1899, Louis-Eugène Pannier began the story of Champagne PANNIER in Dizy, just outside Epernay..
  • With time and excellent workmanship, the brand earned its reputation and began a new chapter of its history full of promise, moving to Château-Thierry , in the Marne Valley vineyards, in 1937.
  • The House benefits from magnificent medieval stone quarries, which constitute the cellars, a real setting for the aging of our cuvées. These cellars, dug from the 12th century, were used to build the city of Château-Thierry.
  • In 1974, an Union of Growers, COVAMA, takes the activity over and the Champagne PANNIER brand becomes its flagship. Then, the key-word of the development is quality.

The medieval bowman

Emblem of Champagne PANNIER

These strong and perennial values such as quality, balance and skill are also perfectly represented in the medieval cellars of House Pannier, where a engraving of an medieval bowman, from the 14th century, watches over the ageing of the wines.

1999 Discovery of an engraving from the 14th century that represents a medieval bowman.

Real anchoring with the city of Château-Thierry and the cellars, Champagne PANNIER chose this symbol as its emblem of know-how, and adopts the bowmen’s motto: « Aim for perfection perfection ».

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