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The style of Pannier


Cellar Master

  • The blend is the real secret to create a marvellous champagne for each House..
  • Champagne Pannier has been entrusting this delicate and decisive task to its talented Cellar Master, Yann MUNIER, who, since the beginning, aims for perfection.
  • He and the oenologists have developed a coherent and elegant assortment of Champagnes with a clear style, thanks to the dominant presence of black grapes (Pinot Noir et Meunier), supported by a large proportion of Chardonnay.
  • To acheive a constant quality, the House benefits from a modern production site that combines tradition and technology.

Champagne Pannier Distribution


100% Distribution on on-trade channels and cellar door sales

60% Export ( USA, Japan, Scandinavian countries…)

40% In France (hotels, restaurants, wine shops and at the cellar)

Régulièrement salués par les jurys internationaux, les champagnes PANNIER se positionnent comme des produits rares, particulièrement recherchés, et s’imposent comme une valeur sûre dans l’univers de la gastronomie et de l’hôtellerie internationale. Regularly acclaimed by international juries, Pannier champagnes are positioned as rare products that are highly sought after and have established themselves as a hallmark of quality on the international hotel and gourmet markets.

Champagne PANNIER range in 2019.

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