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Implantée au cœur de la Vallée de la Marne, la Maison PANNIER bénéficie d’approvisionnements de grande qualité en provenance des meilleurs vignobles champenois et d’une sélection minutieuse des trois cépages de la champagne : le Chardonnay de la côte des blancs pour sa finesse, le Meunier de la Vallée de la Marne pour son fruité délicat et le Pinot Noir de la Montagne de Reims pour sa structure. Located in the Marne Valley, Champagne Pannier benefits from high-quality supplies coming from the best Champagne vineyards and a careful selection and blend of the three grape varieties: Chardonnay from Côte des Blancs for its delicacy, Meunier from the Marne Vally for its fine fruitiness, and Pinot Noir from Montagne de Reims for its structure.

The vineyard


Supplies from the best Champagne Crus :

30% Of the grapes come from the Marne Valley

35%From Montagne de Reims (Mailly, Verzy, Ambonnay, Verzenay, …)

35%From Côté des Blancs (Cramant, Chouilly, …)

100% Varied supplies for a rich and intense range


The House develops an exceptional mastery of the grape variety of its establishment, Meunier, which gives its champagnes a gourmet character and incomparable fruitiness.

Sustainable development at the heart of our concern :

Champagne PANNIER benefits from a controlled supply of grapes over 70 hectares selected by our teams throughout Champagne. 1/3 of these 70 hectares come from the 700 hectares of our cooperative members.

There is an ongoing VDC and HVE certification process with the cooperative winegrowers of COVAMA. The aim is to have 100% of the areas certified by 2023.

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